Ear Candling

EAR CANDLING, also referred to as EAR CONING, originated many centuries ago and was practiced by the ancient Egyptians.  It is widely used to this day in order to relieve the following conditions:

  • Sinus problems, sore-throats, earaches, swimmer’s ear.
  • Chronic headaches, equilibrium problems, ringing-in-the-ears.
  • Pressure & discomfort due to plane or boat travel, allergies, hearing difficulties.
  • Excessive ear wax and toxin build up in the ears.

Therapeutic benefits include:

  • Soothing and relaxing effect.
  • Improves hearing, and relieves pressure build up in the ears.
  • Stimulates energy points in the ears.
  • Relieves ear and sinus irritations.
  • Relieves ringing and buzzing sounds of the ears
  • Activation of local lymph and metabolic process
  • Gently eliminates earwax build-up and other impurities in the ears.
  • Promotes better blood flow to the ears to improve circulation of blood and lymph.

What can one expect during an ear candling session?

A special natural candle shaped like a hollow cone and made from unbleached cotton and natural bees wax is gently placed in the opening of the ear and the other end of the cone is lit by a flame. The cone burns with a very slow controlled flame which creates a vacuum that gently pulls out the built-up ear wax and other toxins. The gentle suction also improves circulation, and activates the cleansing of the ear. The acupuncture points and reflex zones also get revitalized with new energy. A regulation and balancing of pressure is immediately noticeable. Earwax deposits and impurities are drawn upward due to the vacuum effect created by the ear candle. These impurities become condensed in the unburned part of the candle