Individual Therapy

Individual therapy also referred to as Inner Journey Coaching is a form of individual counselling which involves the exploration of one’s thought patterns and processes and how they impact on one’s beliefs and behaviours.  This form of coaching involves many different techniques to get a better understanding of why we repeat certain destructive or undesirable behaviours, and gets to the core issues within our underlying tissues.  By exploring these core issues we can resolve the blockages that arise from past trauma so that we can regain a stronger state of health and vitality, as well as a healthier state of emotional balance.

Those that can benefit from this coaching service include:

-anyone who feels stuck in life or finds themselves repeating the same behaviour patterns over and over again, especially destructive ones that lead them to undesirable outcomes

-those seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives

-those needing more direction in life

-anyone who has experienced any type of trauma that continues to impact them in negative ways, and stops them from living life fully

-those seeking more fulfillment and happiness in life

-anyone who feels overly anxious, or depressed about life without a physiological cause

-also effective for couples who want to resolve conflict in a healthy manner

Inner Journey Coaching will allow you to connect to what you deeply want in life and to help lead you to a greater sense of purpose. Whether it is in helping you make changes in your lifestyle that compliment your inner growth or assisting you with coming to a deeper sense of acceptance with an existing situation.