Herbal Medicine

At the Riverview Vitality Centre you can get expert advice regarding Chinese Medicinal herbs as well as Western Medicinal herbs.  This modality involves extensive research on the therapeutic benefits of various herbs to treat many body ailments.  It involves using many parts of medicinal plants and their extracts to bring about healing and vitality in the body.

Herbalism makes use of a plant’s seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, and berries to cure thousands of different health problems. Most people don’t even realize that most of the herbs and spices that we use in our homes are used in herbal medicines and supplements due to their extensive therapeutic benefits. Usually people are unaware of the extensive medicinal properties of such herbs. Using herbs for the treatment of various diseases is very wide spread in certain cultures such as China and India, where it is one of the most ancient and traditional medicines used to date.  Still to this day, people take them as safe, time proven, and effective medicines, without harmful side effects.

Here are just some of the extensive benefits that herbal medicines provide:

o Herbal medicines are gentle, safe and effective, especially when recommended by an experienced herbalist.
o These medicines have life force energy that helps in easy assimilation inside the body
o They activate cells and repair and rebuild connective tissues
o They cleanse and detoxify the body’s eliminatory systems
o They provide quick absorption to the weak and sickly organs and other parts of the body
o Herbal medicines are entirely natural and thus are free from all kinds of side effects which make them the first priority to persons looking for an effective yet safer treatment option.